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How to select the right Canberra dentist

Whether you have recently moved to Canberra or simply need a change, choosing the right dentist involves more than just scanning through online reviews of the local dental establishments.

Finding the right Canberra dentist to serve your dental needs and/or those of your family members takes some time and effort. However, once you make the right decision, connecting with a reliable and friendly practitioner, the benefits will last for years to come.

Before choosing a new Canberra dentist, it helps to know what you want, based on your specific needs and situation. For example, are you looking for a dentist for yourself or the whole family? Not all practices are set up to be family or kid-friendly so their treatment services may vary along those lines.

Canberra Dentist For the Whole Family

A Canberra practice that caters to the whole family typically offers children’s dentistry, orthodontic braces for teens (and adults), cosmetic treatments for adults, dentures for seniors and preventive services for the whole family. In short, they run the gamut of services that sees a family through the different stages of their dental development.

If you have kids or someone with anxiety issues in your family, your dentist should be someone who can offer assistance in those areas. For example, do they offer sedation services such as sleep dentistry, IV sedation or laughing gas? Is the waiting area or surgery environment designed and built with anxious patients in mind?

It also helps if the dentist offers more current treatments that often fall outside the purview of general dentistry, such as sleep apnoea dental therapy, or bruxism treatment for those who grind and clench their teeth in their sleep. These are, after all, ailments that afflict a growing proportion of the Australian adult population.

Finally, if you have infants, toddlers or sporty teenagers in your family, you would also want to stick to a dentist that provides after-hours emergency services. You don’t want to be stuck with a wailing child or a teen with a sporting injury without a reliable emergency dentist canberra you can trust on standby mode. You never know when you’re going to need one.

A bit of research goes a long way

Whether you’re single or a parent of a large family, you would be looking for a reliable Canberra dentist known for his/her clinical calibre and great personality. If you’re looking for a child-friendly dentist, then obviously it’s important to know how they are around kids.

One of the easiest ways to narrow your search when it comes to the dentist’s reputation, or lack thereof, is to ask around. If you are looking for a dentist to take care the oral care needs of your whole family, ask someone whose profile or situation is similar to yours.

You don’t have to limit yourself though. Anyone in your social circle can potentially offer some valuable insights on the local dental scene, even if they may not be using the services themselves. Although you are essentially looking for a positive recommendation, you may also benefit from cautionary tales – basically, knowing which establishments to avoid.

You can also consult independent online recommendation sites like ours. Alternatively, you may want to seek out a dental association website which may be able to match you with a local dentist based on your specifications.

Once you have narrowed the field, do your own research – in person – by visiting the establishment. Here you’ll need to tick off your own checklist: Do you get a good vibe when you walk into the clinic? Is it clean? Are the staff members friendly and welcoming? Do they accept your health fund? Do they have special amenities for kids?

Finally, how do you personally find the dentist? Did he or she leave a good impression on you and the kids? In this regard, nobody knows it better than you. Everyone is different and reacts differently to different personality types – hard and fast rules simply do not apply.

One of the best litmus tests to gauge your satisfaction level is this: Did you leave the dental clinic happier than when you stepped in? If you find yourself smiling on your way out, congratulations, you may have just found the right one.

Signs You have the Right Canberra Dentist

Many people have asked how you can determine if a dentist or dental practice is a good one. Although that’s a highly subjective question, there are some pretty general and straightforward ways to size up a dentist.

Broadly speaking, you’ll have to look out for the signs and characteristics of a quality dentist. And that’s exactly what this article will help to unravel.

Modern dentistry has pretty much left behind that bygone-era mindset of “drill-and-fill”. While general dentists still provide teeth cleaning services, tooth fillings and preventative dental care, a modern dentist also offers advanced dental treatments.

Although “modern” does not necessarily mean “quality”, it does mean the dental practice is keeping up with current tools and technology, and has the knowledge and skills to apply them across a spectrum of dental treatments and modalities.

Do they offer cosmetic dental services that not only maintain the function of your teeth and gums but also enhance the beauty of your smile, through services like porcelain veneers, composite fillings, teeth whitening and even cosmetic injectables?

Do they offer orthodontic systems and appliances that help to straighten crooked and wonky teeth, which affects children, teens and adults alike? Those are important questions to ask if you are looking for quality dentistry under one roof, as it promises convenience and consistency across treatments.

Most dentists will keep a portfolio (before/after images) of their past work, not for showing off, but to showcase the outcomes of what they are able to do. It serves as a visual testament of their abilities, because seeing is believing.

You can tell a dentist’s skills and experience just by looking at the patient’s transformation in the images. An accomplished clinician would be more than proud to share their portfolios with you.

If your dental appointment often feels very rushed and timed, then your dentist may not be giving you the appropriate dental care that you deserve. A dentist that takes a long-term view of your dental health is not in a hurry to get rid of you. He/she will be asking you questions, and keeping their lines open should you have any queries after treatment. They make you feel welcome as you enter their premises. They send you timely reminders for regular checks and cleans, that are essential for preventative care.

A clean and orderly dentist’s office says a lot about its occupants and caretakers. How can you expect them to look after your dental health if they can’t even maintain their own work environment?

New dental innovations and technologies are constantly changing the face of dentistry.

A passionate dentist who cares about improving his/her clinical skills and knowledge would naturally be inclined towards learning and adopting these advanced tools of the trade.

Whether in terms of the latest 3D cone beam diagnostic equipment or clear brace technology, a practice that takes advantage of new technology is often one that enhances the patient experience.